The CEPP seeks to respond to the needs of families who wish to access a childcare service in French for their child.

Given that childcare spaces are limited and that the francophone population is growing, the CEPP maintains a registration wait list and a priority list for its services. The persons responsible for registrations will be informed of this policy to make transparent and equitable decisions in accordance with the CEPP’s vision and mission.

The admission criteria are established in order of priority.

Wait List

  1. Admittance priority is given to the child with at least one French-speaking parent.
  2. Exceptionally, the CEPP will admit children with no French-speaking parents. The FPFA’s registrations commissioner will submit the exemption request form to the CSCN for its authorisation. Once the CSCN’s decision has been received, the commissioner will inform the parents of the refusal or admittance of the child to the CEPP.
  3. The lease contract between CEPP and CSCN obligates the CEPP, which occupies spaces inside the francophone school, to adhere to their admittance policy I9030PA. La Belle Nature being an extension of École La Mission must adhere to the same procedures.

Priority List

  1. The child belongs in the age group for the space available.
  2. The child’s parent is a CEPP employee.
  3. The child has a brother or sister who already occupies a space in the same daycare.
  4. The child’s parent is an employee of the school where the daycare is located.
  5. The parent is an FPFA employee.
  6. The date of registration to the wait list – first come, first served.
  7. The start date for using the service corresponds as closely as possible to the date the space becomes available, unless the parent accepts to pay the fees for the full months. The parent may not pay more than one month’s fees to reserve their place.
  8. The child attends a CEPP daycare.
  9. The child attends a francophone daycare elsewhere in Alberta.

Rights of francophones in Alberta

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Complete admittance policy

For the complete admittance policy including procedures, please consult the document by clicking here.