The daycare is located in a portable unit behind École La Mission in St. Albert on its property (46 Heritage Dr, St Albert, AB T8N 7J5)


The centre is open Monday thru Friday from 7:15am to 6pm

2023/2024 Calendar

Meals and snacks

Meals are not included. Parents must bring a healthy lunch containing no nuts or seafood. Two healthy snacks are provided by the daycare.

2022 ELCC Program – Subsidies for families

Starting in January 2022, children in daycares are subsidized by the government according to the federal-provincial agreement to reduce childcare fees to 10$/day by 2026.

Two subsidies are currently available: the subsidy for operators and the subsidy for families. The operators’ subsidy is automatically applied without parents’ involvement. However, to receive the subsidy for families, the family must apply for it.

ATTENTION, in your application, you must enter the official program name of your child’s program as well as its program number:

OFFICIAL PROGRAM NAME : Centre d’experience prescolaire L’Aventure

***It is very important to enter the correct information for each child, otherwise your child will not be declared in the correct program and adjustments will have to be made, which may prolong the process.***

To apply and for more information on how the subsidy works, please consult the Government of Alberta’s website by clicking on the button below.

Fees (starting December 1st 2022)

3 to 5 years (5 days/week)
Current fees1,030$ per month
Subsidies (reduction)450$ per month
2022 Fees580$ per month
Deposit for preschool
(reimbursable when you withdraw from the program provided we receive 30 days’ notice according to our policy)
200 $
Registration fee50 $
NSF fee45 $
Late payment fee45 $ per week

On-demand service

The on-demand service is currently available. That is to say that we are ready to accommodate your child for a single day on demand.

Age groupFee
12 to 19 months55 $ per day
20 to 35 months50 $ per day
3 to 5 years45 $ per day


Effective April 1st 2021:

We offer a 10% discount to the registration fee of a 3rd and 4th child from the same family who is registered to the CEPP preschool program. The discount does not apply if the 3rd/4th child is registered to the out-of-school service.

Lateness fee

In the case of parents who arrive late after opening hours, a fee of 1$ per minute late will be billed and payable on the next invoice.

Admission criteria

Any parent who wishes to register their child in the CEPP daycare must fulfill at least one of the following criteria (according to Article 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms):

  1. Their first language learned and still understood is French.
  2. They received their primary education in French.
  3. One of their children received or is receiving their primary or secondary education in French.

To see our admissions policy (in French only), please consult this page.

Rights of francophones in Alberta

To know more about the right to a francophone education in Alberta, please watch these two videos:

What is Article 23?

Who can register their child to a francophone school in Alberta?