A summer camp for children from kindergarten to 12 years old

The CEPP summer camp is a French service that is high quality and rich in experiences.


To participate in the CEPP summer camp, your child must be clean and at least in kindergarten.


The summer camp takes place at the CEPP Gabrielle-Roy (in École Gabrielle-Roy) located at 8728 93 Avenue NW, Edmonton, Alberta.

Dates and schedule

Start of camp : Tuesday July 4th 2023
End of camp : Friday August 25th 2023
Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:15am to 5pm
Last Friday of each month: The camp closes at 4pm to allow time for a team meeting


We maximise outdoor activities to make the most of good weather and spend time outside.


The following themes were selected:

Week 1 – Under The Big Tent
Week 2 – Apprentice Mad Scientists
Week 3 – Melodies And Music Lovers
Week 4 – Travelers In Time
Week 5 – Heave Ho!
Week 6 – Spend That Energy
Week 7 – Critters And Beasts
Week 8 – The Whole World Is A Stage


An excursion will be organised each week in conjunction with the theme.

Projet E.S.P.O.I.R.

Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, the children will do activities with Projet E.S.P.O.I.R. on different themes.

Sessions for children

The sessions for children will take place at École Gabrielle-Roy. They will run for 5 weeks, 2 mornings per week (Tuesday and Wednesday) from 9am to 10:30am.


  • Change (facing changes in life) – July 4-5
  • Emotional courage (sensitivity, empathy, and how we experience emotions) – July 11-12
  • Getting to know ourselves, recognizing our strengths and limitations – July 18-19
  • Discovering our creativity (exercising the power of our imagination) – August 8-9
  • Authenticity (understanding that we are all unique and brave enough to show it) – August 15-16

Sessions for parents and counselors

The sessions for parents and counselors will take place online, preferably in the evening.


  • Resolving conflicts between youth (learning to resolve our conflicts and keep our friends)
  • Resilience during changes

Sessions for counselors

The sessions will take place on-location at the FPFA during summer staff training in June.


  • The beneficial effects of nature for physical and mental well-being

Information for parents

What you need to provide

  • The lunchbox: families must provide a water bottle, 2 snacks, and a hot or cold lunch with no nuts or seafood.
  • You must bring indoor and outdoor shoes.
  • Your child must also have comfortable clothing for playing outside (as well as a change of clothes).
  • The family must mandatorily provide sunscreen, insect repellent, a ball cap, a bathing suit, and a towel.

Friday lunch

Lunch on Friday is included and will be provided by the service.

Parents’ Manual

For detailed information on all aspects of the camp, please consult the parents’ manual by clicking on the button below:


General fees

  • Using the service : $250 per week / $200 per week where there is a statutory holiday
  • Registration: A child already registered to a CEPP, having been registered to the 2022 summer camp or coming from a centre managed by the FPFA will not have to pay a registration fee. An external child must pay the $50 fee for opening a file. Attention, the $50 fee for opening a new file is not reimbursable.
  • Withdrawal: The withdrawal of fees will occur on the first business day of each month, calculating the weekly fee multiplied by the number of weeks selected each month by the family.
  • Deductions for absences : The fees are not deductible if a child misses days in the weeks selected.

Financial aid

This program holds a license from the Ministry of Children’s Services, therefore parents may request financial aid from the government.

To apply, you will need the official program name and number:

OFFICIAL PROGRAM NAME: Centre d’experience Prescolaire #2

For more information or to apply, please click on the button below:


Registration priority

Registrations will be open following the steps below:

  1. First week of April: Registrations open to families currently enrolled in the centre, another SSG centre or the school
  2. Second week of April: Registrations open to the public

Registration process

  • During registration, families must select the desired weeks for each summer month.
  • The child must be registered 2 weeks before the first selected week.

To register, please contact the registration service by email at commis@fpfa.ab.ca with the following information :

  • First and last name(s) of your child(ren)
  • The week(s) you would like

Please note: 25 places per day are open and will be allotted to the 25 first families to fill out the registration form and who will have paid their fees.


To cancel a reservation for weeks selected in July without fees, you must cancel before June 19th, after which the fees for the selected weeks must be paid.

To cancel a reservation for weeks selected in August without fees, you must cancel before July 17th, after which the fees for the selected weeks must be paid.

Please take into consideration that our offices are closed on weekends.