Founded in 1972, the Centre d’expérience préscolaire et parascolaire is a non-profit organisation managed by a volunteer parents’ society.

For the past five years, the CEPP, which once operated only a single daycare, has grown and now counts eight centres in Edmonton and St. Albert. Of these eight sites, three serve families with preschool-aged children and five others are out-of-school care services located within the various francophone schools.

The CEPP offers around 200 places for francophone families and their young children.

The CEPP learning centre offers a preschool education program for children 12 months to 12 years old, managed by the Fédération des Parents Francophones de l’Alberta (FPFA / Federation of Francophone Parents of Alberta).

Its principal objective is to allow each child to exist as a distinct person in a francophone environment.

The learning centre’s goal is to encourage the child to develop friendships, to play and to communicate in French with other children in a safe environment. Further, we ardently wish to be the continuation of the familial environment and the link with the future school.

The child must feel loved, at ease, and respected. We wish that each child develops their self-confidence, acquires the autonomy they need and find within themselves the solutions facing the difficulties they encounter. The pedagogical orientation is focused on the child, learning through play and the “Flight” curriculum.